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Configure your Desktop VoIP phones using these Configuration Guides

Grandstream VoIP Desktop Phones
  • Grandstream Models GRP:  Just send us a photo of the serial number and MAC Address label and we will program for you.

  • Grandstream GXP16xx monochromatic phones:

  • Grandstream GXP21xx color phones:

Download any of these supported VoIP Softphones/Apps and follow the User Guide for configuration steps.

Windows PCs
  • PBX On The Cloud Softphone

  • PBX On The Cloud Softphone

Smartphones and Tablets
  • PBX On The Cloud Softphone (free, multiple accounts)

  • SessionTalk Softphone (free, one account)

  • Acrobits Softphone (paid, multiple accounts)

Android Download   |   Android User Guide

iPhone Download     |   iPhone User Guide

Download                    |   Android User Guide

Download   |   iPhone User Guide - Android User Guide

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