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For your Smartphone

Make LOW COST INTERNATIONAL calls directly from your existing SmartPhone by using any of our recommended Apps.


Control your budget by using our pre-paid model. You can call anywhere in the world and benefit from our low rates.  


Our low-cost per minute rates will greatly reduce your cost, especially when compared against what you pay using your Smartphone.  Check our Plans pages to review these rates.


Three simple steps to get started:

  1. Call us or register .HERE

  2. Load your account with $20 or more by visiting our online Store .

  3. Install any of our recommended Apps and start calling!


Why us instead of Calling Cards?

  1. No need to remember PINs or carry a card

  2. Your family and friends in other countries* can call you at the same rates using local numbers.

  3. Balance will not expire and there is no fee per call, just for the duration of your call.

  4. You can easily recharge your account.



* We offer local numbers in other countries .  Your family and friends located there can call these numbers and then dial your smartphone number.  You will be charged the same rates you pay when you make calls to that location.



You can always check your usage and our low rates by login to our Customer Portal .


Stay closer to your family and friends without worrying about the price.

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