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How to choose the best virtual telephone system?

Nowadays it is very important to use a telephone extension for your company. Currently there are thousands of options in the market to hire a service as such, but how to know which to choose?

It is important to analyze the needs of our company to know which option is best suited to us. In many cases a virtual telephone system is the best option because it has several benefits such as flexibility and mobility, thus improving the productivity of our company.

In this list we will help you evaluate the options of virtual telephones that exist in the market to know how to identify the one that best suits your needs.

Do virtual telephony systems offer the flexibility that my business needs?

With a cloud-based phone system such as Pbx on the cloud, you can communicate from anywhere in the world as long as you have a reliable Internet connection. This makes it easy to scale and add more users or functions without spending so much money on hardware. In the same way, thanks to this virtual telephone service, employees have the accessibility to work wherever they are. This is something that gives many companies the opportunity to generate homeoffice jobs saving in this case the rent of space.

How do virtual telephony systems improve mobility and business continuity?

Virtual telephone systems offer all the sophisticated enterprise-class call management features you would expect from a local telephone system, but unlike these, virtual phones offer a much lower price. Some of the features offered by Pbx on the cloud are automatic operator, call forwarding, multiple devices by extension, voice mail to email, Do not disturb, caller ID, among others.

The virtual telephone systems ensure the continuity of your company thanks to the fact that they are not based on a physical location of your company. That is, in the case of a natural disaster or an emergency. Your company's calls will be redirected quickly and easily to another location.

Is moving to a telephone system in the cloud profitable?

Definitely, telephone systems based on premises are much more expensive than a virtual telephone since these require equipment that companies must buy, host, install, operate and update. While virtual telephones are managed by your provider and require less initial capital to install, they offer already established monthly rates and minimize the need for IT professionals on the site..

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