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Analog lines vs IP lines

A hosted PBX isnt as scary as it sounds, it is actually really quick and easy to set up so there is no down time for your business and you can forget about installation costs. You will recieve the best service and support feeling safe that your business communications are in safe hands.

Nowadays more and more compañies have been changing from analog lines to IP lines. Want to know why? We will teach you some benefits of hosted business VoiP

  1. Low setup costs- Since the PBX is a virtual system you wont have to pay for installation

  2. No maintenance costs- Since its hosted by us you wont be needing sometone to manage or maintain in. You can do it yourself, its quick and easy!

  3. Scalable solution- It can be scaled up or down with minimal work and costs

  4. User-friendly- Its so easy to manage that you dont even need any training or skills so you can start using your business phone system right away.

  5. Great mobility- With a hosted PBX and an internet connection, your employees can have the opportunity to work no matter where they are. Plus, you can connect multiple offices by the same system, meaning you wont have to pay for inter-office call charges.

  6. Advanced communictions- No matter where you are, you can always have presence on your video conference, instant messages etc.

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